Certified Professional Ethical Hacker - C)PEH Live Remote

Certified Professional Ethical Hacker - C)PEH Live Remote
his is a 5 day instructor led/virtual course that you can attend from any device at any location.

The CPEH certification training enables students to understand the importance of vulnerability assessments by providing industry knowledge and skills in Vulnerability Assessments. In doing so, the CPEH student is able to understand how malware and destructive viruses function. In addition, the CPEH course helps students learn how to implement counter response and preventative measures when it comes to a network hack.

Module 1 - Security Fundamentals
Module 2 – Access Controls
Module 3 - Protocols
Module 4 -Cryptography
Module 5 - Why Vulnerability Assessments?
Module 6 - Vulnerability Tools of the Trade
Module 7 - Output Analysis and Reports
Module 8 - Reconnaissance, Enumeration & Scanning
Module 9 - Gaining Access
Module 10 - Maintaining Access
Module 11 - Covering Tracks
Module 12 - Malware
Module 13 - Buffer Overflows
Module 14 - Password Cracking
Appendix 1 - Economics and Law
Appendix 2 - Vulnerability Types
Appendix 3 - Assessing Web Servers
Appendix 4 - Assessing Remote & VPN Services
Appendix 5 - Denial of Services

Registration includes: Access to the on line 5 day/instructor led course, hard copy course materials, 12 months on line access to the course video, e-book, prep guide, course completion certificate, 40 CPE credits, on line certification exam w/1 free retake.