Certified Security Principles - C)SP

Certified Security Principles - C)SP
The Certified Security Principles certification course is a 12 month self paced option that provides the skills necessary to apply and implement technical knowledge of security concepts in today’s security environment. Students will gain an in‐depth knowledge of systems security, access control, network infrastructure, assessments and audits, cryptography and organizational security across all vendor products.

Computer fraud, black-hat hacking, cyber-terrorists; these phrases describe an innovative generation of criminals that use over-the-wire technology to attack us, steal from us and terrorize us. However, the best tool in their arsenal is not new. It is only used by the most experienced, the most dangerous, boldest hackers.

The mile2 Certified Security Awareness Principles program is innovative and trains students on how attacks are performed, the skills necessary to perform an attack, how to train people to identify an attack but most importantly: how to train internal targets so that the training is effective and lasts.


Module 1 - Introduction to IT Security
Module 2 - Risk Management
Module 3 - Understanding of Cryptography
Module 4 - Understanding Identity and Access Management
Module 5 - Managing Data Security
Module 6 - Managing Network Security
Module 7 - Managing Server/Host Security& Scanning
Module 8 -Application Security for Non-Developers
Module 9 - Understanding Mobile Device Security (IoT)
Module 10 - Managing Day to Day Security
Module 11 - Understating Compliance and Auditing

Registration includes: Online Video, Electronic Workbook, Exam Prep Questions, Exam

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